As if I didn't already have enough on my plate I decided to start vlogging! I'm still going to be blogging but I thought it would be fun to also start a channel and share my thrifting hauls and family adventures! Here's my little intro video, hope you all subscribe! xo

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Hello everyone and happy Thursday! I'm back with another post of what I wore, thirft store style. Pretty much the only style because that's the only place I shop at now a days. So I thought i'd make this a weekly thing as well as a kids edition and even a home edition since everything in my home is all thrifted. So lately I've been obsessing with vintage/90s style. I was born in the 80s but grew up in the 90s so really this is a piece of cake. I'm just sorta tired of trying to fit in with what's available now . Half the stuff that is my "size" is super tiny, short and crop and I just can't pull it of. I want to be able to feel comfortable so i'm doing just that. Plus the 90s are totally trending so I guess I'll fit in with the young kids! Ha. 
T-Shirt $1.50 (I remember my mom having the exact  one)
Jeans $3.99 (from the mens section, i love how relaxed they fit)
Shoes $10 (purchased at a store named EVERYTHING $5, except for shoes haha)
Purse $4.99 

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Sophie turns 5

My happy little rainbow baby turned 5 years old a couple of months ago! She wanted a special video like her little brother so we fulfilled her wishes and spent the evening at the beach by the beautiful cliffs. This little soul is so precious and we are truly blessed to have her in our lives. 


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