Sep 4, 2017

We did it! Last Monday was our first day of home school. Sophia is a kindergartner and Aiden is a pre-schooler.  I didn't think we would have space for our learning corner since we live in a super small apartment but I rearranged our furniture last minute and came up with a decent space for the kids. The kids were super excited to start school today! Not going to lie, the first day was a bit stressful. Being my first time as a home school mom I had a lot of doubt in my mind. Didn't know if what I was teaching my kids was correct or if I was going to totally fail and no be able to do this. But right now it's been a week  and I'm feeling pretty confident. I'm a bit less scared and i'm really looking forward to the rest of the school year.
We don't really have a set curriculum, I've been doing a lot of research and we're mixing lots of Charlotte Manson, Waldorf & Montesorri along with a little bit of common core stuff. This might not be for everyone but it's what I feel comfortable with. We started our day by reading. We did lots of painting, used modeling clay to make apples since our letter of the week is A. We worked on a bit of letter A work sheets. Aiden's attention span is pretty limited so he had lots of fun panting and counting with our wood sticks. He painted and worked a little with his colors. I'm trying to work at my children's pace and not trying to push too much on them but they seemed to be just fine.We ended our day with a scavenger hunt and found lots of colorful nature pieces that I had the kids count and sort. It's little things like that, that makes learning fun for them.
Here's a look at our little home school corner. Lot's of thrifted books and pieces to fill this corner. Our sensory bins are things I purchased from Hobby Lobby and some things we found outside during our nature walks. Lots of DIY projects to complete our super cute space. 

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  1. Thank you for posting these!! I LOVE this! I definitely want to use them! Quick question…anyway to make a template that says Bridge? It is in between pre-k and kinder for those with summer birthdays!!
    Thank you again! I love people with creative minds! Not my gift!

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