Aug 12, 2017

Through the power of social media I've been able to find some pretty amazing places here in San Diego. Places I never knew existed or were even possible to exist here. When people talk about San Diego the only thing that comes to mind is the city. But this county has a lot more to offer then the famous Gaslamp District. If you're looking to getaway from the busy city life and experience the "country" side of San Diego then this is place to visit. I stumbled upon this place through a hashtag on instagram. That's how I find a lot of places to explore. I do a little bit of research, make sure it's kid friendly and we plan accordingly. 
On this day we packed a small picnic. Ramona is inland from where I live so it gets a bit hotter than what we are used to. We made sure we had plenty of water and sunscreen and we made our way there. We had no idea what to expect so we just walked and followed the trail and we stumbled upon a cute little pond. Next to the trees was a picnic table so it was the perfect spot for our lunch. The kids had lots of fun climbing rocks, trees and "skipping" rocks in the pond. On our way back we spotted a herd of cows and the kids were fascinated. Do be careful this is home for rattlesnakes to stay vigilant. 


  1. aww Ramona is so pretty http://www.lajm-shqip.com/new/index.php/2017/08/29/jahti-festa-beqarise-xhensila/

  2. I love how this place changes throughout the year and the new adventures it brings. When there's water, there are tadpoles. There are big rocks to climb under lots of shade for a break. It's fun when the cows are grazing. We have also seen coyotes and road runners.

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    1. I'm so happy we found this place! Can't wait to see what it looks like in early spring. We saw the cows from a far. No coyotes or road runners though!

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