Feb 11, 2017

This year for Valentine's Day I wanted to give Sophia's Tiny Toy teachers something different other than the regular box of chocolates. So I did what everyone does and browsed on Pinterest for some ideas. I came across a plant one and thought it would be a good idea to do something similar. I've been obsessed with succulents so I gathered up the kids and we went to the Swap Meet in search of some. So glad we did, these little guys can range from $3-$6 here in San Diego. Of course I didn't want to spend that much money since I had to make three of these, but by shopping at the swap meet I was able to score 8 of these little guys for .50 a piece!! My daughter ended up getting a few too so in total I spent $5 on succulents. The heart shaped trays were purchased at Target and I got those for $3 a piece. So in total I spent less than $15 on gifts for three teachers! 

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