Jan 11, 2017

This past Monday the kids and I took a a little trip down to Legoland. This was our second time going so the kids were pretty excited once I told them where we were headed. I had this trip planned for a few weeks until the day of it was raining and that totally ruined the day. I was totally gonna stay home and snuggle but since I'm not a regular mom, I'm a cool mom (ha) I decided to just go anyway. I made sure the kids wore their rain boots, packed their coats and umbrellas and we were good to go. And boy was it a good idea. There was NO ONE at the park, well maybe a few people, but we pretty much had the park all to ourselves.

 We walked up to rides, not waiting needed. The kids were even allowed to stay on multiple times because there was no one waiting. It was great, something like this is pretty surreal to happen, especially living in the city. But I have discovered the key to going to what would be an overly packed place and that is to go on rainy, gloomy days. The day was perfect, the kids had an absolute blast and I did too.  Over the years I have become a bit of a hermit when it comes to large crowds. They make me super uneasy and I try to avoid them at all costs, so it was great going to Legoland with no crowd at all. I'm super lucky to have a sister that works there and who luckily gets tickets for family members for free. So we will get to go again before we move! 

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