Jan 17, 2017

What does Anchors & Honey mean? I get this question quite a lot. Before Anchors & Honey, my blog was named A bit of Wonderland, Red Rose Vintage & Laras Vintage. I wanted to change my blog name to something I knew was going to stick for a while. And although I love all things vintage I didn't want to be know for just that. So I came up with Anchors & Honey. Anchor for my husband who coincidentally is a sailor, but he's the one who keeps me grounded. Honey, for my sweet, sweet kids whom I adore with all my heart. This blog was started to document my pregnancy with Sophia (my middle child) back in 2012. It then transitioned into a family & lifestyle blog. Much of which I have not been doing. I stopped blogging for some time when I became pregnant with my third baby Aiden, and ever since it's just been an on and off commitment. That is until now. I miss blogging and connecting with so many beautiful people (most of who it still talk to today) like I did years ago when I first started.

Which all comes back to Anchors & Honey and what I'm all about. For some time I used my instagram platform to document my home, which then my account became more of a home decor type instead of a personal one. I would hardly post photos of the kids or my life for that matter and only stick to photos of my styled home, decoration, etc. And although I love home decor, I was getting quite bored with just posting the materialistic stuff and not the real, raw stuff I want to be known for, or at least Anchors & Honey to be know for. I felt like I need to do some changes and switch my whole instagram niche around because I wanted it to reflect what my blog is about. Raw moments of life, motherhood, photos that make me happy,  a fun DIY tutorial, random food recipes, occasional home posts. 

I was a little dissapointed when I noticed that my photos were getting much fewer likes and my account was loosing so many followers whenever I would post a photo of myself or my kids. Not gonna lie, it was a total bummer and it made me rethink about closing my account and starting a fresh one. The one thing I did not want to happen ended up happening, a lot of my followers like the home decor side of things as opposed to the life I want to show. And although I did consider it, I decided to just keep on posting what I LIKE, who cares about the number or followers or likes my photos get.I want things to come organically and get followers because they are curious and WANT to follow me. After all I'm documenting what makes me happy and what I want to be known for as a reflection of my blog and what I love doing. 

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