three years here

Dec 21, 2016

Aiden, a few days ago you turned three years old. And although it is a bittersweet time for me because I want you to stay little forever i'm so very grateful that I get to see you grow. I love watching you play! Right now you are obsessed with dinosaurs, trains come next but dinosaurs are your absolute favorite. You love to eat broccoli and apple sauce, you are a sucker for string cheese too, those never last long in the fridge. You are the sweetest boy I know, you are sensitive and shy but once you warm up all those around you get nothing but love and although you'll have a tantrum here and there, that's alright, i love you just the way you are. Happy birthday to the sweetest boy! I am so grateful to be your mama!  

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  2. Oh myy his hair is stunning. I think if I let my son's hair grow it would look this beautiful.

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