Feb 5, 2016

HOORAY! It's Friday, only a little over a week til Valentine's Day. This year my husband wants to take me out on a date (kid less) and as much as I love doing things as a family, sometimes mommy & daddy dates are much needed. The kids LOVE parties and holidays just as much as I do so I decided to have a little mini Valentine's Day party for the kids. I have lots of crafts, heart shaped pizzas and yummy treats planned out for us. I've been buying a few things here and there but here's a roundup of some of the things and crafts I'll be using/doing for our Mini Valentine's Day party. 

               straws|caterpillar|cat plate|robot plate|pink milk bottle|blue milk bottle|bee|foil heart 

The only thing I have decorated is my faix mantle. And my goodness did I do a horrible job on the chalk writing HA! 

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