Jan 20, 2016

I've been an avid Pinterest user going on five years now and i'm pretty sure that without it my family would be eating rice and beans everyday haha. Other than recipe books (which I only own a couple) Pinterest is always what I use for new recipes. I mean it's pretty much at my finger tips! I have a full house of picky eaters, so it's always tricky trying out new recipes around here. These 5 recipes i'm sharing are some of our favorite meals and we almost never have any left overs. 
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We're a family that LOVES chicken. If we're not eating chick'n at chick-fil-a we're eating it at home. It's a great source of protein so I don't mind it. We also eat a lot of pasta (more than I care to admit) but the kids love it and it's always easy to get them to eat it. 

This recipe is the easiest to make. Seriously, all you need are a few ingredients, pop it in the oven and done. I love to make this one with baked white rice (something I had no idea you could do and it tastes amazing) I use this recipe here

This recipe is one of the kids favorites. It tastes delicious and it's fairly easy to make. 

This one is my husbands favorite. He loves fried anything so it's an easy win. 

I almost always try to have a  couple of meatless dinners and this pasta is always made. Even tho it has no meat it is very filling and tastes delicious. 

If you've been to Ikea and had their swedish meatball dinner you know how amazing they taste. When my husband was deployed me and the kids went to Ikea almost every Tuesday for dinner (kids eat free on Tuesday) heck yes I was going to take advantage of that! Now that my husband is home we try not to eat out as much (sigh) But these meatballs taste just as good as the ikea version so I highly recommend this recipe just so you knwo I'm not exaggerating when I say swedish meatballs taste amazing. 

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