Handmade Christmas

Dec 22, 2015

I've made it sort of a tradition to make the kids something home made every Christmas. It's usually always a doll, but sadly my sewing machine stopped working, so sewing was not an option this year. Sophia loves Tinkerbell movies and she's always wanted a fairy house so I made her just that. This project cost me less than $15 to make. Almost everything I used I either found in my craft room or found them out in nature walks with the kids. The base is made out of a target diaper box painted  with white acrylic paint which is surprisingly very sturdy. 
I used a ton of hot glue to put it all together. Sticks and branches to make all of the furniture. A napkin ring is what the outside wreath is made of. Aluminum foil covered in moss to make a little tree coming out of the side. Outside lamps are made out of wire, beads and the inside parts of flowers I got at the dollar tree. I had to get really creative and just work with what I had on hand. The outcome is amazing (at least to me) I absolutely love how it turned out. I can't wait to see Sophia's face when she gets this for Christmas. 

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