living room reveal

Jun 8, 2015

My husband and  I have been married for six years. And in those six years we've always lived in military housing. We've never had a fully decorated home. A few things hanging here and there. More white walls then anything. I've always loved interior design but since we're always picking up and moving every few years I didn't bother decorating. Until now that is. We got tired of coming home to an empty house so while my husband was on deployment I took it upon myself to decorate the house and have it nice and homey for his return. I went back and fourth on what kind of look I wanted to achieve. I returned a ton of stuff because I just wasn't happy with how things were coming along. I finally decided to stick to a farmhouse/rustic/industrial sorta look and I love it. 90% of the things I used are thrift store finds and handmade stuff. I love neutral colors, different color wood with little to no color. This is our living room now, which I still have a few projects in mind that I need to make to finally complete this room. Lots of love and long nights went into this room.

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