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Jul 30, 2014

I've been neglecting my lovely little blog for far too long. A lot has happened during my little hiatus. We're finally all settled in our new home in California, Aiden is crawling, Aileen is finally reunited with her dad, Sophia is obsessed with her aunt and my husband is back on a ship. Our trip out here took 5 days. 
We drove through 7 states, not counting New Jersey and California. The drive was ok for the most part. There were times when both little kids got cranky and just cried away. Our first night was spent in Washington D.C. Our plan was to wake up early and visit the monuments but it didn't happen. We were too tired and started our drive pretty late. Our next stop was in Nashville. Which didn't go as planned what so ever! Apparently Katy Perry was in town and we could not get a hotel room within a 45 minute radius. We ended up staying in a motel in the middle of nowhere. Which we were trying to avoid, but the kids had been in the car for hours and we didn't want to drive any longer. That was the least pleasant part of the trip. After that our next stop was Dallas. We stayed for a day and a half because we wanted to check the area out since it's going to be our permanent home of residence in a few years. We really enjoyed our time there. We took the kids to the zoo, the food was great and the people were friendly. We then stopped in Arizona and took our time checking out of the hotel. Everyone relaxed in the pool which was much needed in that Arizona heat. We then finally made it to Oceanside around 8pm and reunited with my side of the family. Over all it wasn't a bad road trip. I would definitely do it again, when the little kids are over 5 of course! ;)

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