our trip to sesame place

Aug 18, 2013

Yesterday we drove to Pennsylvania and took a little trip to Sesame Place. We were able to get free tickets since we're a military family so that saved us a load of money. I was under the impression that it was both a theme park/ water park and of course it was mostly water park so we weren't able to really enjoy it. And it was really super crowded but for free tickets we can't really complain. Sophia had lots of fun, I think she's in love with Elmo now lol. My teenager not so much, she'd rather be at Six Flags screaming her guts out on some crazy roller coaster.
In the end, it was a good day spent with my little family.   

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  1. I loved Elmo when I was growing up and looks like Sophia had a grand time!! I love seeing pictures of your little family and even more excited about the new addition!! :D

    Lulu xx


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