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Jan 27, 2013

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Introducing my lovely January Sponsors.

Little Foal
Hi, I'm Sunae and I blog over at Little Foal - a place for me to share my love of DIY, craft, cooking and vintage.

Stranger Bird Vintage
Stranger Bird Vintage is a carefully collected shop of vintage women's clothing and accessories to fascinate and delight! Born from a love of learning about the past through material culture and an overstuffed closet, and - true to form as a librarian - named for a reference from one of my favorite books (bonus points if you guess it!)

A UK breastfeeding website packed with tips and articles on everything from preparing for the arrival of your baby, through to 6 months and beyond. Lansinoh is a great place to learn more about issues such as breast feeding versus bottle feeding, how to combat sore nipples, expressing breast milk and more.

Primrose Hand Knits 
I live in the most beautiful state of Vermont where I garden intensively on a small piece of paradise. I am developing a very small nursery here specialising in hardy woodland perennials and also focusing on Primroses.
My other passion is knitting. A good day must include time to garden & knit! I love the feel of natural fibers and knitting them up into pretty accessories. I mostly knit small items such as scarves, shawls, fingerless gloves & childrens items. This way I don't have to buy large amounts of yarn and can play with different fiber contents and stitches. I wouldn't call myself an expert knitter as I'm always learning new techniques and patterns. I use patterns I find in the many books & magazines I've collected through the years and tweaking them to make them my own, giving credit and sources where I can with my finished items.



  1. I love Lansinoh products more than any other breastfeeding products in the market. Their breast pads and storage bags were the BEST when I was nursing!


  2. Lansinoh IS the best! I too was a heavy user of their storage bags while nursing. I went back to work full time when my daughter was 5 weeks old and was able to pump till she was 1 and a half - and nurse till she was almost 3 - because of their products.

    Glad to be included this month - and tickled to see my mom (Primrose Hill Handknits) here, too!

  3. Hello, I'm your newest follower. Awesome blog.
    God Bless,

  4. What a wonderful blog you have. A new follower from the Aloha Friday Blog Hop. Would luv if you could drop by my blog as well.

    Anne Marie

  5. Hello!!

    Found you on the blog hop. I am your newest follower. I really love your blog.
    Would you care to give me a quick follow back? :




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