Unwanted hiatus!

Oct 31, 2012

Hey everyone! Just wanted to give you guys a little update on why I haven't been having any posts. Our County was severely damaged due to Hurricane Sandy. As of right now we have no power and will not have any for a while. I hope everyone that was affected by this hurricane is doing alright!! Luckily I had my thirfty Thursday post done and scheduled for tomorrow. Have an awesome Halloween!! See ya when my power is back!


  1. Hope you're alright and continuing to be safe!! So sorry to hear that you have no power :(

  2. yikes! take care of you and yours! Hope the power is on soon!

  3. Hi Sandra. I just randomly ended up on your blog :)

    I am so soryy to hear that you are in the midst of Sandy. I hope you and your family are fine, and that you will be up and running soon! Take good care! <3

    Regards from Norway!

  4. Glad that you all are at least ok. Hope you get power back on soon.


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