Saturday, August 25, 2012

Aug 25, 2012

Introducing Autumn from Gypsybee
I met Autumn a few weeks ago through Instagram and she is fabulous, her kids are absolutely gorgeous! We both enjoy the similar things and her blog is amazing! We recently decided to be pen pals and I'm super excited for us to start writing letters to each other! She has a pretty sweet tutorial for you instagram lovers! 

Hey there! My name is Autumn Boucher or Momma Bee. I'm a stay at home mother of two, currently homeschooling my oldest. I have a great love for vintage, photography, crafty projects, and cooking for my family. My husband says that I'm stuck in 1960 and he couldn't be more right! I run a blog, and a vintage shop on etsy,! Come on over and say hello!

I get a bunch of questions from friends and followers regarding the way that I edit my photos for Instagram. I have downloaded a million different apps looking for that diamond in the rough, and trust me, they are hard to find! Through many trials (mostly ending in failure) I have managed to find a few brilliant apps for iPhone and Android users that make photo editing a breeze! 
Here are a few of my must download apps, hope you enjoy!

Retro cam 

This is one of the first editing applications that I ever downloaded as an apple user. It's free which is wonderful, and I love the different camera options, such as pin hole and Polaroid. The app is available in both the ITunes App Store and Android Market

Magic Hour

I just recently discovered this application and downloaded the free version to see how I liked the features. This app is unique because you can make your own photo filters, as well as download other users filters. There are endless filter possibilities! I ended up downloading the upgraded app here and its worth the money!


I swear by this application! Its available for Apple and Android and it is free! It's one of the best apps out there for filters, frames, light effects, etc. and it is super easy to use! My favorite filter is Aladin (top) and I love the Bocea (bottom) and Stop light effects! 


The number one question I get from Instagramers is "How do you make those photo collages?". Well this app is the answer to all your questions! This app is also available for both markets but it varies depending on which product you use. The $0.99 Apple version of the application is much better in my opinion, because it does include filter effects as well as frame options. The Android version of the application is a little less impressive, but it does the trick when it comes to frames. 


This app is the closest to instagram that I have found. It has a good bit of filter options, though I only use it for its Golden (top) and 80's (bottom) settings. Its very easy to use and available only for Android users


This is my go to application for mobile picture taking, I replaced my camera app with this and its fantastic! It has a bunch of features, half of which I haven't even discovered yet! The available filters are beautiful and nothing comes out looking over processed. The pictures are so crisp and lovely! I highly recommend it! Its available for Apple users here and Android users here 

This is not an application that I have ever used since I have been on an Android recently, but it is an app used by many of my favorite IGers! It is an IPhone and IPad only application that is apparently very simple to use and creates beautiful photographs! Read more about it here and download it here for $0.99! 

Don't be afraid to use a combination of different apps together! Its all a process of trial and error and its so fun to experiment with tons of different combinations until you find something that is your style! I hope that this helps everyone who has been asking!


  1. Ah! I LOVE her! Going to stalk her blog & shop and IG NOW!!
    I love playing around with photo apps on my phone! ♥

    1. I know right! After I finished this post I went straight to download them! ;)

  2. Great apps! I'll be following her blog + IG asap :)

  3. this little blond girl is so cute! omg omg my heart is melting <3

  4. Thanks for recapping these, a little bored with Instagram lately and looking forward to using Pixlr-o-matic :)

  5. Hey doll, love your awesome blog especially your photos!
    I'm your new follower from Blog Party. Feel free to check out & follow
    my blog @
    Keep in touch!

  6. Thanks so much for this post. Some of these apps are completely new to me and I absolutely love them so far! So stoked to play with these.

    ♥ Emily


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