July 2, 2012

Jul 2, 2012

Finds from last week and giveaway winner announced!!

Last weekend me and my friend went to a Flea Market my town was having for just a day. I got these two beauties for $5!

I have been wanting lamps for some time now! I just love the color on these!! Had to buy some lamp shades at Walmart, but I don't really like them so I'll probably end up returning them as soon as I find something better!

  So a while back I bought a sewing table that I have in my living room as decoration. As I was leaving the thrift store this man made a loud noise that startled me and when I turned around to see what it was, he was moving this table! My eyes lit up and I was hoping he wouldn't get it. As soon as he walked away I ran and picked it up!! LOL! Now I have two sewing tables on each side of my living room with those pretty lamps!! 

I love vintage thermos! They don't make them like this anymore!! 

I LOVE decorating for holidays!! I can't wait for Christmas to get here!! I have big plans for decorating!!!

A BIG thank you to those of you that entered my giveaway!! Please don't be disappointed if you didn't win! You'll have plenty of more chances to win so stay tuned!!! And now for the winner!!!

Comment #7 RinaJ!! Email me at redrosevtg@yahoo.com with your address and the sizes you would like the headbands! Congrats!! :)


  1. I am too juiced to get some of your headbands! They are so beautiful! :)

  2. I love your thrift finds! I really need to attempt thrifting again. I never seem to find anything at all. :/

    Jess @ The Delightful Crafter


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