July 1, 2012

Jul 1, 2012


This photo is of my old studio/craft room when we lived in California in a 3 bedroom house! 

I miss it so much!! The lighting in there was amazing! Fast forward to this year! My studio is my dinning room  and my craft room is a walk in closet LOL! Oh the things you have to sacrifice when you have a baby. But hey I'm not complaining. It's nice and cozy in there when it's not a mess!!

If you know me then you know i'm a big crafter! I like to challenge myself and create pretty things! These are pictures of what is now my craft room lol.

I've always wanted a sewing machine and was super ecstatic when my hubby got me one for my birthday! Best birthday gift EVER!!

Before I was pregnant with Sophia I  always made my own props! Headbands,bunting banners etc. I have been working very slowly on finally opening my headband shop which will be opening online as well as around my town at local arts and craft fairs. This has been an on going project for quite sometime but I have been dragging on it because I want to take my time. I don't want to rush into it and sell a crappy product. I can't be selfish and just think about the money. Everything has to be perfect to have a satisfied customer! That's what's going to keep them coming back for more! And that's how you will get recommended! Hence more customers!!  I'm a perfectionist and it really pisses me off  when I buy things {that I can make myself}and they do a shitty job! I've literally thrown things away that I buy from "sellers" and they sell me a shitty item. So for now, I'm slowly taking my time on having everything perfect! From my business cards to my packaging material! I know I had said that my shop would open in the summer, but with Sophia, looks like I need more time.

Recent props I have made for a photo shoot I have planned for my girls! It's going to be amazing!! So brilliant that i'm actually taking a couple of months to plan and make all of the props I'm going to use!! Stay tuned! ;)

Happy Sunday!!! 


  1. those little crowns would be so amazing for a where the wild things are shoot/party/halloween! :D

    1. Had not thought of that!! It would be awesome!!


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