DIY Hanging Branch Clothes Rack

Feb 1, 2018

With my recent rearranged bedroom (see it here) I still have a few finish touches left to do and I recently got one out of the way. On Friday's we have nature walks as a part of our home school curriculum so we headed out to Del Mar for a little hiking and to get some of the good ole' vitamin D. After our long exploring adventure we headed back to the car when I found the perfect branch to use as a hanging clothes rack. I had been playing with ideas around my head and when I saw the branch I knew it would be perfect and in an effort to be less wasteful and more environmentally friendly this was the best decision. This project cost me $4.00 which was only for the hangers that I got from IKEA  I already had hooks and jute lying around so that was a plus. It was fairly easy to make and it turned out beautiful. 

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