Feb 18, 2018

Another week of fun adventures and exploring went down this past Friday. I stumbled upon Annie's Canyon Trail on Yelp and when I saw the photos we just had to go! The canyons are located in Solana Beach about 15-20 min from our house. Once we arrived we found parking near the residential area and made our way down the trail. The views were beautiful as you can see the ocean and the San Elijo Lagoon which are sadly a bit dry. There is also lot's of construction going on which can take away from the peacefulness of a hike but in the end it is all worth it.  The trail leading to the canyon is perfect for small children, the kids had fun looking at all the wildlife. We even stumbled upon some kids who had caught lizards for observation. The canyon it self is not too difficult to do. I did it with both kids although I did have help from my oldest. The kids were in awe when we finally walked through the canyon. They climbed and touched and they loved it so much that we actually went back two days later. Needless to say, this is one of our new favorite hiking destinations.

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