San Dieguito County Park| EXPLORING SAN DIEGO

New Friday, new adventure. If you're a new reader welcome! I'm a home school mom two my 5 year old who is in kindergarten and my 4 year old who is in preschool. It is very important for me for my kids to grow up connected with nature so every Friday as part of our curriculum we go on a nature walk and every Friday we try to go to some place new. San Diego is full of so many good county parks which make it great for nature walks. Two weeks ago we headed to San Dieguito County Park, we had a picnic and learned about lots of animals and trees. There are information towers which talk about the different types of animals that live in the park which was great for the kids. We had a picnic and walked for hours. There are some strenuous trails but we stayed on the easier side for the kids. Their favorite park was the wood bridge. In the end the kids played in the playground and before you know it almost 4 hours had passed. 
*Parking is $3 but you can also park outside with no fee.

DIY Hanging Branch Clothes Rack

With my recent rearranged bedroom (see it here) I still have a few finish touches left to do and I recently got one out of the way. On Friday's we have nature walks as a part of our home school curriculum so we headed out to Del Mar for a little hiking and to get some of the good ole' vitamin D. After our long exploring adventure we headed back to the car when I found the perfect branch to use as a hanging clothes rack. I had been playing with ideas around my head and when I saw the branch I knew it would be perfect and in an effort to be less wasteful and more environmentally friendly this was the best decision. This project cost me $4.00 which was only for the hangers that I got from IKEA  I already had hooks and jute lying around so that was a plus. It was fairly easy to make and it turned out beautiful.