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Jan 29, 2018

We moved, again! Same apartment complex, different unit. It was rather annoying having to move since my husband is no longer active duty and we no longer have the luxury of getting moved for free by the government. So since my husband had to work I was the one who did most of the moving and man was it a pain. We got a little behind with homeschool, I fell a few times which honestly felt like I broke my knees (why does falling feel 100 times worse when your older?) We've been in our new unit for almost two months, we're still in 1000 sq ft but the plus side is the little backyard we have for the kids to play.

One of the things I love about living here is how small and cozy our home can be. My husband hates it but I love it. A small space is all we can afford right now living in Southern California anyway so I try to make the best of it. Which of course means that when it comes to decorating I have to shop smart and stay on a budget but that's ok because it only means thirft store shopping. Not only is it great for the environment it's also great for my husbands pockets. A lot of what I used to decorate our bedroom was second hand, things I got on sale, a few DIY. I'm still not done decorating but I love how the space looks so far.

When it comes to decorating my husband gives me FULL control of everything.I gotta give it up to him for always helping me with my weird requests. He's even had to sacrifice his beloved dresser (which is actually falling apart) it's hiding in the closet which is a big inconvenience but he's handling it like a champ. I'm still working on adding a bit of storage for me so come back and see what I do for a little bit of extra storage.

Here's a list and links to some of the things I have purchased. The baskets and dresser were all thrifted.
string lights (i got these on sale plus used a 20% off coupon on sale items)
comforter (old target)
buddah- ross
basket-seasonal ikea
plant shelf was a DIY

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