Sep 9, 2017

Summer is coming to an end in a few weeks. I wish I could say that the leaves are changing color and the air is feeling cooler but it's not.  For us here in San Diego it usually happens mid October. Although I guess if we want to experience Fall a little sooner we could drive inland for about an hour and we can get the four season experience. The kids and I have done so much these past few months, from hiking the mountains of Big Bear to jumping in fresh water water holes. We've had endless picnics and bonfires, trips to the beach and late night summer pool dips. It makes me a little sad school has started. My oldest is a senior in High School and will be graduating early in just a few months. Then it's off to college and it'll be just me and the little ones. As much as I love the idea of her going to college and growing up I can't help but feel a little heart ache. I cannot believe how fast time flies. So please cherish your children ALWAYS! 
Green Valley Falls is a 45 min drive from our home in the city. I found it through a hashtag (duh) and it was a pretty amazing place. I had no idea swimming holes existed here in San Diego lol so of course we had to go and experience it our selves. We paid $10 for the day (although I found out another time we went that we were in the wrong spot and had to pay $30) woops. We had a nice picnic and had 'smores and the kids swam their little hearts out. We hiked about 10 minutes to get to the water so it was very easy for the kids. The water was a little cold but very refreshing. The little kids had fun in the 2 feet deep water while my oldest was the brave one who jumped 10' into the water hole.  This place is a must visit if you are ever in the area during summer time! 
picture overload below! 


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