I have lived in San Diego County almost my whole life and had never been to the popular flower fields in Carlsbad. I guess it was just the sorta thing that was normal and always going to be there or it didn't fascinate me much. Just like my husband, who was born and raised in Brooklyn yet had never been to Times Square for the New Year. Now as an adult i'm intrigued by a lot of things I found boring as an adult so I love visiting places that have always been there but I just didn't care about. The flowers were amazing! There were so many and so many colors. I went on a little date with my sister and our girls. Although my niece ins't old enough to know where she was. Sophia had a blast, they had a little scavenger hunt to keep the kids occupied while we walked all over the fields. Although her favorite part was the end only because the ice cream but which kid wouldn't be? 
If you ever visit San Diego I highly recommend visiting the flower fields when they are in season! 


Since Sophia was about 3 years old she wanted to share a room with her little brother Aiden. At the time she was having a very hard time sleeping so we thought it would help her sleep better if they shared a room. We had four bedrooms at that moment so we decided to use her bedroom as a playroom. It all worked out great, the kids had lots of room for play time and Sophias sleeping habits got better. I knew that once we moved and we lost the fourth bedroom that I was going to repaint Sophia's ikea kitchen and have it a little more gender neutral. I decided to go with a tropical theme for their bedroom and I finally got around to repainting her kitchen. I found the perfect wrapping paper from zazzle and decided to go with a light mint color for the base of the kitchen. It turned out exactly how I imagined it would. Now all I have to work on is the rest of them room. If you'd like to see the tutorial for this here is my previous duktig hack. Happy Friday!

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