Torrey Pines| Exploring San Diego

Apr 18, 2017

This past New Year I didn't really set any resolutions since I never do them but I did say to myself that this year I wanted to go outside more and I have been doing just that. I grew up in San Diego County but never really explored it the way I have been now. I'm actually pretty amazed at how many places you can explore here. This past week my friend and I decided to go hiking at Torrey Pines. The views were absolutely breath taking. The weather was perfect and the flowers were in full bloom. I keep telling my husband that I might not want to leave San Diego after all. There are so many beautiful places to hike to (which I've really fallen in love with over the past few weeks) I feel so at peace when I'm outside discovering new places I have never seen before. So if you're ever in San Diego be sure to check out Torrey Pines! But do be careful, we walked into a snake on our way back down. You just gotta keep in mind that we are in their backyards so we gotta be alert at all times.

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