Easter Sunday| Exploring San Diego

Apr 27, 2017

For this Easter we didn't really make any plans because I had to work. So I decided last minute to drive to the country side of San Diego and have a little hike and picnic instead. Through the power of instagram and hashtags (HAHA) I've been finding some pretty amazing places around me that I wouldn't know about otherwise. Before heading out we went to Whole Foods to get some grub (it's been my favorite place to eat from lately) and we headed out. The drive was about an hour and a half. The drive out of the city is always great. We see lots of farm animals and that always makes the kids super excited. 
When we got there (after I found the correct address and not a winery, which is actually a perfect place to get lost at but not with kids) We were met by a sign that warned us about cattle grazing at the reserve. It made me super anxious to see these cattle. I'm not going to lie, once we did they sorta freaked me out. They are huge in person and to have them roaming along side with you is pretty scary. The kids were amazed by these big gentle animals and were so happy I had brought them there. We continued walking along the path when all of a sudden a big ol' long horn was standing a few feet away from us eating grass. Not gonna lie I almost pooped my pants and thought twice about walking past him. But I figured he wouldn't do anything if we let him be and he didn't. We managed to walked a couple of miles and then headed back because we forgot our water in the car but it was over all a great experience and I can't wait to go back again. 


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