Natural History Museum| Exploring San Diego

We finally moved! Unfortunately not to the East Coast. We decided last minute to stay in San Diego until my oldest finishes high school, she has a great thing going on. She'll be graduating early January and will soon after start taking college classes. Her high school is pretty awesome and she's actually enrolled into a college class already while in high school so we thought that it would really be great for her to just finish here. As much as I was excited to be moving back East and to experience the four seasons I'm happy that we are staying here a little bit longer. After all, we can just drive up north for two hours and experience snow if we wanted to. 
Last week we decided to take the kids to the museum and have the ultimate dinosaur experience. Aiden is obsessed with dinosaurs so he was super excited when we told him where we were going. Of course once we got there all he wanted to do was to play with toy dinosaurs but over all we had a great time. One of the things I love is the location of the museum which is Balboa Park. Which has so many things to do from gardens to museums. The kids always have a blast walking in Balboa Park. So if you ever decide to visit San Diego, I highly recommend it! 

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A few weeks ago I crossed one thing off my bucket list, which was to go to a Kings of Leon concert. One of my favorite bands ever! I took the weekend off and drove up north to Inglewood and made a weekend off of it. Kidless for the first time ever, it was sorta weird not having to worry about my littles. It was fun but I sure did miss them. 
One of the places I was really excited to see was my little cousins barbershop business. I was in awe of what he has accomplished and I fell in love with his super cool hip barber shop. Located on the famous Sunset Blvd strip this place is the THE PLACE to get a hair cut. One of the things I love about it is how versatile it is, they even color hair. So if you're in the West Holly wood area and are looking for a place to get a nice clean trim make sure you go to Barcode Barbershop