rainy days in January

Jan 6, 2017

My instagram feed is bombarded with snow photos and I have to admit that I'm a bit jealous. I keep telling myself that, that will be me in a few weeks so I just have to appreciate what we have which is RAIN. Lots of rain! I actually do love the rain, it's the perfect snuggle weather. A perfect excuse to stay home in your pjs all day and watch movies with the kids. Except my kids like to live on the wild side. They want to get wet and dirty and I love that about them. They HAVE to be outside all day every day, no matter what.

When I was little I was never allowed to play in the rain because I would get "sick" or get dirty. Now that I'm a parent I am the complete opposite. I want my kids to get dirty, get wet, rip their pants, scrape a knee. Because that's what childhood is all about. It's about doing all these silly things that make you happy and creating wonderful memories that you'll share when you sit down and talk to your kids about what you did as a child. These are the moments I live for. The simple things like rain that bring my kids joy and happiness.

Sometimes a blurry photo is the best one. You don't need a beautiful landscape or location to capture the raw moments that mean the most. Grab your camera, be spontaneous and capture the moments that one day you will look back at and will make you feel verklempt . 
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  1. I've been envious of the snow photos too. Such beautiful photos capturing the fun to be had in the rain


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