Jan 18, 2017

Every month I try to go on a little date with one of my kids to spend some one on one time with each other. I like to give them each my undivided attention with out any distractions. I see it as a great way of bonding with each of them and letting them know that I'm there, just us two. This is our second year living in San Diego and I try my best to discover new and unique places. North Park is a little town 10 minutes away from the big city with exceptional shops! One that had always caught my eye was a little coffee shop at the corner of a stop light. The big bold name that is written at the side of the building is what captured my attention the most. COFFEE + FLOWERS. I knew I wanted to stop by and check it out just didn't know when. 
It has been quite rainy and gloomy around here so I wanted to take Aiden out on a little coffee date.  It was cold so coffee was perfect for our little outing. North Park is quite small and popular so parking is a bit of a battle so we ended up parking three blocks away from the coffee shop and soaked up all the fresh air the rain had offered a few hours before. The homes there are beautiful. Plants & flowers everywhere which were  fascinating to Aiden. 
When we finally reached our destination we went inside and it instantly brought a smile to my face.This place was exactly as it described outside. Half of it was a coffee shop and the other a flower and gift  shop! The place was packed with people chatting and shopping, baristas working quickly to get coffee made and the florist arranging bouquets. The atmosphere was great and I was so happy that I had finally decided to pay this place a visit. Aiden ordered a triple berry muffin and I HAD to order the honey lavender latte. I fell in love with this place and Aiden had a blast walking around town being quite the explorer. If you are ever in North Park I highly encourage you to visit Communal Coffee

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