My wonderful neighbor who is always giving me amazing things recently gave me a doll house. It wasn't in the best of shape since she kept it in her garage for the kids to play whenever they were out playing so it was a little beat up. I'm running out of room in the kids playroom so I figured I would put it in the kids actual room and use it as a bookcase instead. I didn't want to spend too much time on it so I gave it a fresh coat of paint and added a little color to the roof. I was inspired by my kitties teepee since it's such a fun colorful print. It took no time at all and it was looking brand new. The kids love how it turned out. 


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Spring is in the air! Time to declutter and update your wardrobe especially my kids because they go through clothes like it's going out of style! Buying brand new clothes every few months can be pretty expensive, so that's where smart shopping comes in especially when you have toddlers who love to jump in muddy puddles or roll on the grass. I'm a huge thrift store shopper! I love a good deal, but there are days where I just want to avoid the crazy traffic and I resort to my phone to browse good deals online. One of my favorite online places to shop at is thredUP. I recently got Sophia a few outfits to add to her spring collection. I got her a Tommy Hilfiger dress for $11.99, Old Navy pants for $4.99, a Gymboree skirt for $5.99 and a Gymboree tank top for $4.99. 
A fun spring wardrobe tip
For spring we love bright, bold colors. Lots of florals and dresses. I also love using a piece of clothing and creating more than one outfit with it like I did with Sophia's white tank top/skirt and pants! She loves being my little model. 

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Our kitty Jasper loves to sleep anywhere but on his bed. He usually likes to sleep where ever anyone is near by. He also loves to hide under chairs for a little snooze. So I made him a little teepee for him to sleep in and he loves it. He's been sleeping a lot in the kids playroom so I thought I'd make him a bright and cheery teepee to go along with the color scheme inside the playroom. Last year I bought the kids a fun little tent from Cotton On. It lasted a good week before the kids got too rough with it and broke the base. I saved the plastic the tent was made from and finally found use for it for this project. I pretty much followed this tutorial but just made it a small version. 

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Today my precious girl turns 4 years old. Last week we went on a little adventure and spent the afternoon with my cousin. We drove to what seems like the country part of San Diego. We saw a lot of farm animals along the way and the kids were stoked. Little did they know that we were on our way to visit some horses. I took Sophia some pretty magical photos of her with a "unicorn". She was in heaven. 

Dear Sophia,
Today you are four years old. With each day that comes I learn something new from you. You have changed my life in so many ways. You are my little ray of sunshine and you always know how to brighten my day. I love your laughs and giggles, all the silly things you do. I'm so lucky to call myself your mother. I love how smart and intelligent you are, you surprise me everyday. I love how much you love to learn and how much you love to see others happy. At such a young and tender age you have so much kindness in you. This world is so lucky to have a child like you. I know you will achieve many great things because of the kind of heart you have. You will forever be my baby, I thank God each and every day for blessing me with you. 

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