"Friends are the flowers in the garden of life"
Living in the city it's kind of hard finding a field of flowers in the spring. This past Friday I was driving home from Ikea when I noticed a field of wildflowers. It was on the side of the street and seemed pretty safe to take Sophia for photos. I told my friend about it and decided to take our daughters out for some pictures. Sophia knows Ariah from Tiny Tots and they have become the best of friends. Although they do have an occasional disagreement and will instantly ask each other if they're still best friends it's the cutest thing. We snapped a few photos of the girls there and then drove to another little field of wildflowers next to a bus stop and a busy road, but we were all safe and the girls had a blast smelling the flowers and playing with each other. I captured some pretty amazing moments of them that I will treasure forever. Being a military wife is sometimes hard to make friends, so I am grateful for being able to become friends with the mommy of one of Sophia's best friends. We love the new friends we have made and can't wait to continue making more memories with them. 

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These past few days have been non stop shopping. Getting ready for Sophia's 4th birthday has been both exciting and exhausting. On a recent trip to Hobby Lobby on a hunt for party supplies, I browsed the fabric section and fell in love with this bright pattern. I instantly remembered that I had been wanting a new strap for my camera so I purchased half a yard and got to work. My first plan was to sew it but I had run out of thread and being the impatient person that I am I decided to just glue it. 

Supplies needed
-hot glue-scissors 
What to do
Cut your fabric to size of strap (I got mine years ago from eBay for $2, similar here)
Iron all four sides
and just Glue
I used pins to help hold the fabric down

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Lately the ice cream truck has been passing by our house and the kids always run to the window and watch it pass by. Sophia has been wanting a Popsicle from it and we always end up missing it. So instead I told her that we could make popsicle's instead and she was all for it. We used fruit we already had, in bright rainbow colors in honor of St. Patricks Day. Chopped them into small pieces and used coconut water to fill the mold and waited over night. The kids loved them! 

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This past weekend was my nephew's 5th birthday party. In an effort to try and make our family birthday present's more personal I asked my sister what was  something that my nephew really wanted and she said a tent. So off to Pinterest I went and found a pretty easy and inexpensive tutorial. All together this project cost me around $9.xx and change and it turned out pretty awesome.

Find tutorial used here
For the Xs I actually used black washi tape
Paint for the wood I already had 
White sheet was purchased at the thrift store for $2.50 (I'm usually pretty iffy when it comes to buying any sort of bedding from the thrift store but this white sheet was new so I made an exception) 
The garland was made out of left over yarn.

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This past weekend I went shopping at the San Diego Flea Market and bought some cute little mason jars that had been turned into hanging jars. I didn't know what I was going to do with them but I knew I couldn't leave them behind. My kids have been out of their crib for some time now and I had the spring just sitting outside getting rusty. So I got the idea of somehow hanging these jars off the spring with flowers in them and I did just that. I went to Lowe's and I bought some wire and used some jars I had. I own a ton of jars by the way, so this project was pretty easy. I love the way it turned out. I made this for my front porch which I have been decorating for the last couple of days. I'll show more pictures soon! 

Supplies needed
- Steel wire $4.96 (Lowes)
-Cable ties (.99 Dollar Tree)
-Mason Jars (.99 Goodwill)
-Wire cutters
-Flowers/Potting soil
-Old crib spring
 Use the zip ties to tie the jars to the spring

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