Feb 25, 2016

Oh my goodness! It's been a week since my last blog post! Wasn't able to share anything because my fancy camera was in the shop. Any who, my sad little dinning room got a make over this past weekend. I've been wanting to decorate this space for some time now and finally got to it. I've know what I wanted to do for a while now just never got around to doing it. Mostly laziness haha, but after finally doing it I realized that it was such an easy project that should of been done months ago. 
While browsing at Home Goods I came across the cutest hanging cow in the clearance section and I immediately knew where I wanted to put it. After some staining, drilling and a little help from my husband (literally just held the shelves in place while I drilled them to the wall) my dinning room is about 90% complete. 
 photo sig_zpsfp42jki7.jpg


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