I'm not really the NEW YEAR RESOLUTION type of gal only because I never really stick to my resolution and just blow the entire thing off. So instead of resolutions I have goals. There are a lot of things I want to accomplish this year. One of them is not spending so much time on social media. Facebook particularly. Which I deactivated my personal account a week ago and it's been great. As much as I love keeping in touch with family and friends sometimes I think there's too much drama going on so it makes it less enjoyable. 

2. Spend time outdoors as a family 
Living in a city like San Diego can be a bit hectic. Lots of traffic, noise, endless amounts of rude people. The list goes on and on, sometimes can make life a little harder. So i'm determined to go out exploring at least every weekend. You'd be surprised at how many beautiful places there are to see out here, from the ocean to the snowy mountains. The kids love being outside so this goal is going to be easy peasy. 

3. Use my camera more often
One of the things I really love is photography. Which I didn't really do much last year. A few photo shoots here and there but photographing for myself, no. I always carried my camera everywhere I went in previous years which is something I need to start doing. 

4. Print photos
I have loads and loads of photos in my computer. This year I want to print a lot of them out and out them in a good ol photo album. I want the kids to have something to look back at physically. Not everything has to be on a computer. It makes it more nostalgic flipping through photo albums instead of clicking on a mouse. 

5. Open a handmade shop
This has been something I've been going back and fourth with since 2011. First it was an Etsy store which I sold my photography in. To which I'm really proud of two of my photos being purchased from someone in New York and Sweden. That lasted a year or so and when I moved to NJ I closed it and never opened it back up. Bows, handmade dresses, handmade dolls, home decor are a few other things I attempted but didn't stick to it. This year I'm really focusing on creating whimsy magical decor for children. I know it's going to be hard at first but I won't know what it can lead to if I give up. So I have to stick to it no matter how difficult it is. I really want to challenge myself. 

6. Go on more dates
Back when I lived in NJ my husband and I went on a total of two dates! Mostly because we had a a baby and didn't know too many people. Before moving back to San Diego we would always talk about how many dates we would be having once we were back in California. Which to this date has only happened a handful of times. Sometimes we are just too dang exhausted from the day and we just want to chill with our pjs. So here's to a new year and lots of new dates. 

7. Live in the moment 
There are times I feel like all of my days are planned out. Wake up, cook breakfast, dress the kids, walk Sophia to tiny tots, clean the house, etc. And repeat. I want to spend more time playing with my kids, reading, doing activities and just over all making them happy. It's ok to have a messy house sometimes and not have a schedule for the day. 

8. Make myself happy
I'm always focusing on my children and husband when it comes to happiness that I forgot to take care of myself . Something I really need to do is have a social life and hang out with my friends. Get a pedicure, go out for a cocktail, go shopping and just splurge on myself from time to time. Go on a hike on my own and just soak it all in. 

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  1. I was wondering where you went! I've missed seeing the kiddos in my feed but I totally understand why you stepped away! Miss you girl and I hope you're all doing well! Xoxo

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