Jan 6, 2016

Ever since my husband was deployed I wanted to surprise him with a bar station since I had a coffee station. I got half way started on it and completely changed my decor so bye bye bat station. I few weeks ago my sister gave me a wooden display she got from her job that she no longer was going to use. It had been sitting in by dinning room and temporarily house my cat. He likes to sleep anywhere, lol. Up until a couple of days ago I didn't know what I was going to use it for, but I knew I planned to use it. This past Sunday I finally got the idea to turn it into a bar station. I pretty much had everything I needed with the exception of a few wood boards I had to purchase. The process was pretty easy and I love out it turned out. I made it so it would match our home decor so it blends in well with my dinning room decor. For this project I only spent around $17.

What I bought
wood boards 2 x$2.88- Home Depot (did you know they offer military discount)
shot glasses $2.98 Ikea
hanging napkin $1.50- Ikea Vinter Collection
bottle opener $1- Home Goods
beverage shaker- $5 Home Goods



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