three years here

Aiden, a few days ago you turned three years old. And although it is a bittersweet time for me because I want you to stay little forever i'm so very grateful that I get to see you grow. I love watching you play! Right now you are obsessed with dinosaurs, trains come next but dinosaurs are your absolute favorite. You love to eat broccoli and apple sauce, you are a sucker for string cheese too, those never last long in the fridge. You are the sweetest boy I know, you are sensitive and shy but once you warm up all those around you get nothing but love and although you'll have a tantrum here and there, that's alright, i love you just the way you are. Happy birthday to the sweetest boy! I am so grateful to be your mama!  

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Friends and gingerbread houses

This past week we had some friends over and had the kids decorate some gingerbread houses. Tip #1 always read instructions, lol. We got mini houses and I imagined they were already made and that all we had to do was to decorate. I had no idea that we had to assemble and wait for a couple of hours (which we had no time of course) I mean who has time to do all this? Why can't they already come assembled for us lazy folks haha. The houses came out "ok", we ended up putting them in the fridge so the frosting was able to hold them up for a while. Kids had a blast, we love spending time with our friends! It's bittersweet really, we'll be moving out of California soon and heading back to the East Coast. Super bummed that we are leaving great friends behind, but we are ready for this new chapter in our lives. 

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