a simple dessert table

Nov 22, 2015

Here's a look at a simple but cute way of displaying your desserts at a party or event. Once again, I used things I found around my house and it all turned out lovely. My cupcakes were ordered locally and I baked the cake myself. Straight outta the box red velvet and vanilla frosting. Nothing fancy, just filled with slices of strawberries. The mini donuts were purchased at the grocery store and the caramel apples were made using this fancy diy crockpot technique . And for the smore's marshmallow pops this one, which was fairly easy and delicious. A few pine cones and a burlap runner to dress up the table, two glass bottles with melted candles. Which I was originally trying to go for this look but totally failed lol. But everything turned out cute and was a big success.

And of course my lovely sister. 

 photo sig_zpsfp42jki7.jpg


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