a little bathroom makeover

Nov 16, 2015

Our half bathroom downstairs got a little makeover. It was getting pretty eclectic, I literally just put anything in there. I was at Michael's and they were getting rid of their fall line and  I bought some cute pumpkin patch paper guest towels for only .25 cents. I love the color scheme so I used that as inspiration colors for the bathroom. This fast and easy update only cost me about $3.25 which was for the dollar tree pumpkins (that I painted) and the guest towels.
Here's the before

What I used 
Pumpkins I got from Dollar Tree, just painted with acrylic paint. Chalkboard easel and basket is an old Michael's purchase. And the cute .25 guest towels.

 photo sig_zpsfp42jki7.jpg


  1. It looks lovely. If I was visited I would feel good in that bathroom. I love the Pumpkin sign.

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