vintage door makeover

A few months back I scored this awesome door off of a Facebook resale page. It was only $15 so I had to have it. It was in ok condition but I knew I wanted to paint it. When I first painted it I ran out of paint so it left a very aged look to it which I really loved. I decided to keep it that way but I wanted it to be something I could use to I added a couple of coats of chalkboard paint. I plan on changing the lettering according to holidays but for now it stays like this. I rearranged my furniture and found the perfect spot for it. It also hide some ugly eyesores so it's a win win. 

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DIY mini wreath

A couple of days ago I made a *hanging coat rack (primarily for my husband) I got tired of seeing his uniform blouse hanging on our dinning room chairs. I hung it up in between the family room and entry to the kitchen so to dress it up I made a quick and easy mini wreath. I had all the materials on hand left over from previous crafts so it cost me nothing to make.

fake greenery (Michael's $3)
embroidery hoop ($1 dollar tree)
green wire ($1 dollar tree)

Step 1  cut your wire and secure the greenery all around the hoop
Step 2 After it's all secure "clean it up" you can do it by cutting the stems or tying it down with the wire. I wanted mine to look fuller so I just went around and secured the rest of the leaves
Step 3 Tie a piece of twine to hang it. I used a piece of fabric.
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*hanging coat racks like the one featured will be sold on my online store opening soon.

mini apple pies

Last weekend my awesome neighbor brought over some green apples for me and yesterday I finally used them. Every Sunday I cook up a big Sunday dinner, sometimes I cook dessert, sometimes I don't. But yesterday I did, I found a yummy recipe on pinterest and I had all the ingredients on hand so I made salted caramel apple hand pies. They were pretty easy to make and turned out really delicious.

 see the rest of the directions here 


coffee bar space makeover

 A few months ago I jumped on the coffee bar bandwagon and created a space solely for my coffee. I'm the only coffee drinker at home so I ditched my coffee station and made more space to clear up some counter space. I found the cutest chippy drop leaf table on Craigslist and it fit perfectly in this odd space we have in our kitchen. Over the months I've been adding more to this cute little area and I love how it's turned out. I'll have a separate post show in off my Rae Dunn clay collection but for now if you don't know about her all her things can be found at Home Goods and its sister stores Marshalls and TJ Maxx. I made the shelves myself using brackets from Ikea. I love the industrial look it gives with the stained wood. The stuff on the bottom of the table are things I've had that I purchased off facebook resale pages and thrift stores, That huge picnic basket holds plastic bags! ;) This space is one of my favorites from my home. 

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Pumpkin patch at a farm

We finally went to the pumpkin patch this past weekend. As I was browsing away on instagram I saw a picture that I really liked. It was a little family in front of an old truck at the pumpkin patch and I HAD to go there. So I convinced my husband that we should drive a little ways out of our neck of the woods to find this glorious place. We drove up to Temecula, which was a little over an hour drive. I had a little bit of sun left so I had the kids and my hubby wait in the car while I went to take some pictures. I only had about 10 minutes of good light left so I rushed lol. This place is seriously amazing! Full off all things vintage, rustic and farm style decor! I found out they even have weddings there! Which after 6 years I still have not had. (I blame the military lol) So this may be our venue if we decide to have a wedding in the next 4 years we're still living out here. I've gone to other pumpkin patches around San Diego and this by far is my favorite one. So we will definitely be going here every year until it's time to pack our bags and leave San Diego. 

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