Decorating with wheat

A few months ago I bought a bunch of wheat for .50 at a garage sale. Didn't need it at the time until now. My home is full of neutral colors so I thought it would be good to make something for my living room. It's officially fall so it fits in perfectly with the rest of my decor.  This was super easy and cost me less than $3 to make!

ceramic pot (.50) from ikea 
floral foam (dollar tree)
wheat- garage sale

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weekend project

This Saturday my hubby was bored and told me he wanted to work on a project with me. Say what??? I didn't question it and I took off to Lowe's for some supplies. I had been wanting to make some shutters for my dinning room for a few weeks now so I already had in mind what I needed. It was less than $10 since I had everything but the wood. You can see a tutorial here. It was super easy! I also made some fabric wreaths which cost about $10 as well. I used 3 yards of fabric from Walmart and wire wreaths from there too. I used this tutorial here .The gather banner was painted of scrap fabric I had with acrylic paint. Very please with how it all turned out. 

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We have a new family member! His name is Jasper and he is the cutest orange kitty you have ever seen. My kids are so obsessed with him (even my hubby) who didn't wan't a cat at first. lol. Everyone adores him and we are so happy that we made the choice to adopt him into our family. Seriously, is he not the cutest?

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