DIY patriotic wreath

I LOVE decorating for the holidays. Especially the 4th of July, since we're a military household. We love to show our patriotism to this awesome country.  Like always, I was browsing on pinterest to get some inspiration and I came upon and awesome wreath sold on Etsy. The price was way over my budget so I recreated one for just under $20.  I love burlap ones but i'm way too impatient so this one was perfect. 

Supplies used 
vine wreath $4.99
craft plywood $1.29
burlap ribbon $3.29
faux greenery $7.00
glue gun (already had)
wood stain (already had)
chalk marker (already had)
craft wire (already had)
 Stain your faux ply wood. Let dry while you get the rest of your items prepped. 
 Cut and tie your greenery. 
 Use your glue gun to glue it to the wreath
 I'm BAD at my penmanship ship skills so I cheated and used this technique 

 made the bow using this tutorial 
glue everything in place and done! 

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fairy festival

This past weekend the kids and I spent the day at the San Diego Botanical Gardens. It was just me and the kids because big sis was with her dad and daddy had duty. They had their annual Fairy Festival so we spent the afternoon making a fairy, building a fairy house and lots of other fun cute crafts. 

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cork board transformation

The next room I'm focusing on decorating is the dinning room. After finally deciding on what look I wanted to go for I had visualized what and how I wanted things to look. I found a cork board and a wreath at a yardsale last weekend and I knew just what I wanted to do with it. It's a pretty nice size frame, the color was light green which I liked but I wanted something white and vintage looking. So I chalk painted white and "distressed" it using a Vaseline technique I found on pinterest and it turned out beautiful. It only cost $10 which was the cost for the frame and wreath, everything else I had.


I used a small brush to paint on the chalkboard paint on the sides first, then I used a regular size brush. I wasn't sure if it was going to work since the surface is not very smooth but it turned out fine.

 I applied vaseline to the areas I wanted to distress 
 and just painted right over it 

  after it was dried I simply wiped off the areas that had vaseline and it instantly gave it an old distressed look.

Here's the outcome 

Enjoy this free printable!
(right click and save) 

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thrifty thursday

Thrifty Thursday is back! I used to this on a weekly basis but now I'm planning on doing it twice a month. Before I honestly used to be such a little hoarder lol and buy a bunch of crap that to this day is still sitting in my garage somewhere in a box. Now I'm determined to ONLY buy things I can actually use around the house. Mainly for decorating purposes. Here are a few things I purchased a couple of weekends ago. I'll be sharing make overs and how I use them around my home in some future posts.

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