Handmade Christmas

I've made it sort of a tradition to make the kids something home made every Christmas. It's usually always a doll, but sadly my sewing machine stopped working, so sewing was not an option this year. Sophia loves Tinkerbell movies and she's always wanted a fairy house so I made her just that. This project cost me less than $15 to make. Almost everything I used I either found in my craft room or found them out in nature walks with the kids. The base is made out of a target diaper box painted  with white acrylic paint which is surprisingly very sturdy. 
I used a ton of hot glue to put it all together. Sticks and branches to make all of the furniture. A napkin ring is what the outside wreath is made of. Aluminum foil covered in moss to make a little tree coming out of the side. Outside lamps are made out of wire, beads and the inside parts of flowers I got at the dollar tree. I had to get really creative and just work with what I had on hand. The outcome is amazing (at least to me) I absolutely love how it turned out. I can't wait to see Sophia's face when she gets this for Christmas. 

Aiden is two!

Aiden is TWO. My handsome little boy turned two over the weekend. I cannot believe how fast time is flying. He is growing up to be such a little goofball and we love him to pieces. 
Aiden at age two
Favorite food: Mac & Cheese
Favorite Toys: Trains, dinosaurs, cars and minions
Favorite Movie: Minions
Likes to play with rocks

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The kids visit St. Nick

One of the good things about living in military housing is having the luxury to a few things. Management here loves to cater to it's residents so they always try their best to have events for the us to enjoy with our families. This past weekend we were able to avoid long lines in the mall to take a picture with the jolly ol' dude. When we walked up we were literally the only people there so it was great to get it done in a flash. Aiden was definitely not walking up to Santa until he was bribed with candy. Sophia was really excited to see Father Christmas (we watch a lot of Peppa Pig lol) Sophia asked for a toy and I snapped the pictures trying to get a smile from Aiden but nope, this kid is not a people person. lol

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Christmas Tag Printables

In need of some Christmas tags? I made some darling ones a few years ago that you can find here

*these are for personal use only

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DIY no sew placemat pillow

With Christmas season here and lot's of parties and birthday happening in December money is pretty tight. I wish I could splurge and buy all things pretty for my home but I can't. A few days ago my 3 year old sewing machine decide to take a dump so I've been really limited to things I can make. So here we are with a very easy and inexpensive tutorial. I bought the cutest little placemat at Target and instantly knew it had to be turned into a pillow. I already had all the materials I needed so it was a quick and easy little project. Here's what you'll need 

1. Cut open a 5-6" seam rip along the bottom of the placemat
2. Fill with polyfill 
3. Close it back up with the fusible bonding tape
and DONE! 
So easy and inexpensive and a great addition to your home decor or even gifts. 

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'tis the season to spread cheer

'tis the season to spread cheer! So we are doing just that! I've teamed up with some amazing ladies and we are giving away some pretty awesome goodies. Guaranteed to make your day a little brighter!

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Christmas Home Tour Part 1

This year I'm keeping things pretty simple and not too overwhelming. I've kept things low cost by shopping at my favorite Target section previously known as the one spot and now known as Bullseye's  playground, shopping at thrift stores and using things I already had. One of my favorite things right now is my faux fireplace that I made out of a bookcase and wood I had in my garage. Which currently only houses one stocking since my sewing machine stopped working. My husband loves the simplicity of it all and has asked me multiple times if I could leave it like this year round, which is tempting lol. We have so many fun things planned for December, our advent calendar is full of so many fun activities! What are your plans for December?

Christmas Tree

This year my husband suggested we get a fake tree, which was surprising because he's always been against it lol. This past Saturday I went on a hint for one at Target (5 Targets to be exact) and they were all sold out! I wanted to take advantage of their great Christmas tree deal going on (trees as low as $30) but by the time I went it was too late and there were no more. So I went online and and was able to score this one for $87 (I know, pricey right?) 

Our Thanksgiving Tablescape

Our 2015 Thanksgiving Tablescape. I actually wanted something really glamorous but as always, I suck a preparing so I whipped this up the night before using things I already had minus the gold round plate place mats that I purchased for $7 at Tj Maxx. I actually love how it all came together, not too overwhelming but still super cute. 

Healthy Momma prepped meals

I recently had the opportunity to try out Flossies (the business owner behind Healthy Momma) prepped meals and boy are they delicious. Prepping meals takes a lot of time and preparation, which sometimes some of us don't have. Especially if you are a macro nutrient counter like me. Weighing everything to get the macros right is very time consuming, that's where Healthy Momma comes in. Her meals are prepared fresh weekly, are healthy and conveniently have your macro count intake along with ingredients used to prepare your meal. Best of all, it's family friendly! So everyone can enjoy a nice healthy meal. Prepped meals are great for those of you with busy schedules and overall for those trying to stay on track and eat healthy. 
If you are in the San Diego area check out Healthy Momma. The food is full of flavor, prices are very reasonable and over all healthy. I will definitely  become a client after enjoying all of these nutritious healthy meals .

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a simple dessert table

Here's a look at a simple but cute way of displaying your desserts at a party or event. Once again, I used things I found around my house and it all turned out lovely. My cupcakes were ordered locally and I baked the cake myself. Straight outta the box red velvet and vanilla frosting. Nothing fancy, just filled with slices of strawberries. The mini donuts were purchased at the grocery store and the caramel apples were made using this fancy diy crockpot technique . And for the smore's marshmallow pops this one, which was fairly easy and delicious. A few pine cones and a burlap runner to dress up the table, two glass bottles with melted candles. Which I was originally trying to go for this look but totally failed lol. But everything turned out cute and was a big success.

And of course my lovely sister. 

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DIY photo booth backdrop

Here's another easy project you can make to use at your next birthday party or event you might have coming up. 
supplies needed
wood letters (walmart $2 ea)
favorite wrapping paper (rifle paper co)
mod podge ($1 target)
The process is pretty simple. I traced the letter on the back side of the paper with letter facing the wrong way)
cut, add mod podge to the letter, apply the paper and add another coat of mod podge and you're done! 
For the actual backdrop I used curtains from my home. I own backdrop stands so that's what I used to hang up the curtains. If you don't own one (which you probably won't unless you're a photographer) you'll have to get creative and look for different ways to hang them. The letters were stapled to string and hung in front of the curtains. For the It's a girl photo board I purchased poster board from the dollar tree and and drew the flowers and writing with acrylic paint. 
It was a big success. We even had a little photo bomber lol

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DIY paper party favor bags

When you're on a budget you have to be creative and work with what you have. I did just that when my sisters baby shower came around and I needed to make party favor bags for the favors we were handing out. I've had these brown paper bags since living in New Jersey, they are hardly ever used so this was a good opportunity to finally use them. This project cost me nothing since I already had everything on hand.
For this project you'll need a variety of acrylic paints
paper bags
hole punch optional
bakers twine optional
I needed to use my calligraphy skills (which are not so great) to write thank you. I drew on some flowers using the brushes and then added the details. It was super easy. I finished it off by folding the bag down in half, punched a hole and tied some bakers twine. It turned out super cute and everyone loved them. 

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