2014, the year for a better me

Mar 30, 2014

Ever since I was a little girl I've always been on the chubby side.In middle school I was always teased for my big legs and I would always get called "man legs" lol. I laugh at it now because I've really learned to accept my body but it was always an issue for me.
 I had my daughter at a very early age and I never fully got my pre-pregnancy body back. I've always struggled with weight and up until recently I found my self really unhappy about it. After Sophia I was motivated to work out and loose weight. But of course it didn't happen. Then around her first birthday I got that motivation again. I was working out for about two weeks and then I found out I was pregnant with little Aiden. So of course I lost motivation and used pregnancy as an excuse to eat like a pig lol. And now 3 months postpartum I've got the most motivation I've ever had! I got tired of looking in the mirror and seeing how over weight I was that I finally pushed myself to actually do something about it.  I enrolled into boot camp classes and I've been going for two weeks now. I absolutely love it. I've been eating healthy and working out for about a month now. I have so much more energy now then I ever did before. It's been a bit of a challenge sometimes since I love food but so far I've been doing good and i'm actually really proud of myself.
 I'll probably do updates on my progress from time to time, but for now here are my current favorite workout essentials. 

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