Sophia has a ton of toys! And out of all of them she's obsessed with her "horsies" She loves, loves, loves her little people kipklop stable We got it for her as a Christmas gift and she literally plays with it every day all day. I love when her dad gets home and she grabs him by the hand and yells "horsies, horsies" lol and of course with uniform and all daddy plays with her. We love this little girl so much. She already has such an awesome personality and can always make us laugh with her beautiful spirit. 

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She also loves sneaking away with my phone. No matter what I do to try and hide it, she finds it! And this is what she does! lol I had to erase hundreds of little feet pictures, tv pictures, sofa pictures and selfies that this kid loves to take. I find it hilarious that a little two year old knows her way around an iphone hehehe

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two months

aiden is two months today!
These past two months have gone by pretty fast around here. Things are finally starting to get back to normal and easier for me. Some days do tend to get a little crazy, like two kids crying at the same time and one of them at the top of their lungs (ahem, Sophia) lol. But with patience (and ear plugs) we get thru the day ;)
Aiden is a happy little guy. He loves his sleep! He eats, is awake for about 30 minutes and wants to go right back to sleep. Which of course needs to be rocked, he refuses to fall asleep on his own (like Sophia) but I'm not complaining. Being that he is our last baby I guess it's ok to spoil him and give him everything he wants. 
Bath time has gotten so much better, he loves being in the water.
Nights are getting better two! He sleeps for at least 4 sometimes 5 hours before waking up to be fed.
Constantly smiles when we chat with him. 

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