Our Christmas photos

This year I wanted to take our pictures for our Christmas cards. This Fall has been really cold compared to others so I had to take them while it was freezing out, before the temperature dropped and before I pop. We only had one decent picture of all of us together so I had to make it work. 
Freezing temperatures and a grumpy toddler is not a good combo. 
Here are some photos I'm in love with. 

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homemade cinnamon rolls

This past weekend I made cinnamon rolls from scratch, for the first time ever. They were sooo good I can't believe I waited this long to make them! Everyone at home loved them so they will become a regular thing to bake around here. 
Here's the recipe I used via pinterest

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This year was Sophia's second Halloween and first time trick or treating. We taught her to say trick or treat the same day and she quickly learned how to say it. Once she knew that she got a treat every time she said the "magic" word, it was a non stop TRICK OR TREAT! She loved it so much and got loads of candy. Of course she only had one lolli, but I was thankful that some parents gave out toddler cookies, which is just as good as candy (for a toddler) :) 
Hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween this year!

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