a big girl room and sleeping toddler

Aug 23, 2013

Up until a few weeks ago miss Sophia had been co-sleeping with my husband and I. It was becoming rather uncomfortable having her sleep with us. She is such a wild sleeper and for some reason likes to sleep like a cat. On top of our pillows snuggled by our heads. lol. With my belly growing each week and the new baby coming in just a few months we just had to get her to sleep in her own crib and room. But it was hell! She cried so much and even managed to get out of her crib. 
So I found this super cute toddler bed on craigslist for $25 and started using it right away.
Of course she cried and cried and hated it. We would have to rock her to sleep, put her down and quietly leave the room. The first few days she would wake up at least 2-3 times crying and we would have to rock her back to sleep. But now almost 2 weeks later she's doing so much better and even climbs in her bed when we tell her it's night night time. 
It feels so good to have room in our bed! 
In the midst of things I totally redecorated her bedroom. 
It was previously vintage circus but I wanted it a little more girly and whimsy. I'm not nearly done but so far I think it looks super cute.


  1. It's really cute, I wish it was my room :)

  2. Aww. Love her sweet room! Glad she is doing better in there. :)

    1. Oh me too girl! I have to enjoy it for at least these few months since the new babe is coming lol

  3. Ooh I love her bed and the cute pictures on the wall! Glad Sophia is settling into her new bedroom now and it gives you more room in your bed :) xx

  4. Very cute! Love the toddler bed. My daughter never wanted to sleep in the same room as us, even as a newborn she was more content in her own room. She's such an independent little one!


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