16 weeks

Jul 14, 2013

As of Thursday, I'm 16 weeks and well into my second trimester. According to baby center, baby is the size of an avocado. I went to the doctor a week an a half ago in hopes of finding out the sex of the baby. But I think I jinxed it and he/she did not want to be seen. Crossing my fingers that we're able to find out next week. Of course it doesn't really matter what we have, all we want is a healthy happy baby. 
Although my husband and I have said that if it's a boy this will be our last baby. Makes me kinda sad but having a teenager and two kids one year apart are good for me lol

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  1. Fingers crossed baby cooperates next time! :) I was always too nosey and just *needed* to know what we were having! lol

  2. Aww baby wants it to be a surprise haha! I'm seriously so excited for you!! A little package may have to neon it's way to you soon, as I love sending gifts :) Plus a thank you for doing the wedding flags for us!

    Lulu xx

    1. That would be so lovely! I would love having a pen pal from the UK ;)


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