life lately

 Lots of playing outside in the water trying to keep cool. There was a nasty heat wave last week, so happy it's back to "cooler" weather. 

I've also been doing lots of sewing. I made baby Aiden's blanket a few days ago and I absolutely love it. 

And a couple of things for Sophia 

 I'm so in love with this fabric! I want to buy more and make her more things out of it. Isn't super cute! 

And a little glimpse of my sewing/craft room. Had to make use of the walk in closet we have downstairs. So it's my perfect little working area.

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nursery inspiration for baby aiden

I recently stumbled upon this super cute fabric, it's from the Indian Summer Collection and I instantly fell in love with it. I had origninally thought of making the little guys nursery a Cowboys and Indians theme but leaned towards more of a bohemian indian style. There are a few things on here that are easy enough for a  DIY poject. The first thing I'm making is the crib blanket and I'm using the fabric on #3. I'm also going to attempt to make the tepee, I've seen a lot of tutorials on pinterest which I think are quite do able. 
Oh, and by the way! We've chosen to name our little man 
Aiden Maximus :)
mason jar lamps
rocking chair
ikea chair
picture frame
headdress art
kids play teepee
feather pillow

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It's a...

We are over the moon! Everyone is super excited that we're having a boy. My husband was so excited that he even suggested having another baby. Umm, what!!?? haha I'm sure he'll change his mind and was just speaking out of pure excitement. So we'll see ;)
You're probably wondering what's up with the confetti on the floor. 
The original plan was to recreate this awesomeness I found on pinterest herebut it was a total bust! 
But girls still had fun "popping" out the surprise so it's not too bad.

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hot sunny days call for the beach

Me and the girls spontaneously decided to go to the beach the other day and enjoy the hot weather by the ocean. This was Sophia's second time and she loved it! She was a little hesitant about going in the water at first but she got over it and didn't want to stop playing near the water.  

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fun at the park

This weekend me and the girls went to the park so Sophia could run around and a little fun. She has so much energy and is officially a runner and I could hardly keep up! She LOVES being outside so we try to take her out as much as we can. I just can't wait until the weather starts cooling off. It was nearly six and still 90 degrees out. Hot summers suck out here in NJ especially when your pregnant! 
Is it fall yet? 

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16 weeks

As of Thursday, I'm 16 weeks and well into my second trimester. According to baby center, baby is the size of an avocado. I went to the doctor a week an a half ago in hopes of finding out the sex of the baby. But I think I jinxed it and he/she did not want to be seen. Crossing my fingers that we're able to find out next week. Of course it doesn't really matter what we have, all we want is a healthy happy baby. 
Although my husband and I have said that if it's a boy this will be our last baby. Makes me kinda sad but having a teenager and two kids one year apart are good for me lol

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lovely little artwork

daughter is a bundle of firsts that excite and delight, giggles that come from deep inside and are always contagious, everything wonderful and precious and your love for her knows no bounds.
-- Barbara Cage
I had these lovely custom drawings of my daughters done by Stephanie. I found her on instagram a few months ago and fell in love with her work. So whimsical and magical. I'm so happy she took the time to draw these for me with her busy schedule. Thanks again Stephanie! If you're on instagram look her up.
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4th of July

We celebrated Americas birthday with a nice bbq dinner and then headed off to see fireworks. I kid you not, my husband makes the best darn burgers! 
Sophia is quite the little artist.
some fun bokeh.

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