Thrifty Thursday week 21

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images via instagram

Vintage records and books. 

Vintage Raggedy Ann & a vintage play mat.

Baby cradle. Sophia has fallen in love with. 

Annie record. Slowly building my collection. 

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weekend life

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

This past Sunday after coming home from the movies with my oldest we started our garden. We planted watermelon,snap peas,celery, red cabbage,broccoli,carrots,basil and lettuce. According to the package they should all be ready by July. I didn't want to plant them straight to the ground because we will be moving in a little over a year, so we used the pallet method. My friend Ashley showed me a picture and I had already seen it before on Pinterest so we went with that method. It was much more simple too! 
We bought a box of veggies from the flea market for $10 and bought organic soil and a few more seeds at Lowe's. In total we spent about $30. Which I don't think was bad at all for your home grown fruits and veggies.
Plus it's a good way to spend time with the girls. So that's a plus. 

(Please excuse my fence. It's been raining and has gotten pretty muddy)
(two years ago when I went to California, I thrifted a pair of flamingos. Last week I went to the dollar store and they sold the exact same ones! so I got ripped off lol)

Last year we somehow forgot a bag of soil in the backyard. This year these little pretty flowers grew from it. They're quiet lovely! 

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dream kitchen

Saturday, April 20, 2013

 Recently my husband and I had serious talk about our future. We're both at an age where it's time to get serious about buying a house and finally settling down. But being in the military makes that almost impossible to do. My husband has decided to make the Navy his career and he has a long 10 years to finally retire. We have one year left in New Jersey and we don't know where our next stop will be until later this year. But we have considered that maybe we'll have to live separate for a while and get things rolling with owning a house. Which means he'll go to his duty station and me and the kids will be living alone for a while. It really sucks that it has to come down to that, but we really don't want to be 40 year old's and barely purchasing our first home. We have definitely decided to make Texas our home. I think it's such a beautiful place and I have heard nothing but great things about it. Expect for the hot summer days, but that's not a biggie for us.
ANYWHO, back to the original topic ;)  
I have been pretty obsessed with the color white lately (for the kitchen at least) 
Here's a little kitchen inspiration that I'm sure my future kitchen will benefit from.

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bits and pieces of the weekend

Monday, April 14, 2013

We've had some crazy weather lately. Hot one day, raining and cold the next. I'm happy it's finally starting to look like spring around here.

My husbands and my anniversary was on April 4th (with Sophia's birthday I totally forgot). Glad my oldest reminded me, so I still had enough time to buy my guy a gift. And this weekend I finally got mine. Isn't she a beauty! 

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insta life

Friday, April 12, 2013

Haven't done a post like this in a while. I apologize for the lack of posts lately. I've been having a lot of  one on one time with Sophia in the mornings and just hanging out with the family in the evening. Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! 

one..easter sunday two..sophia's vintage fisher price record player I got for her birthday three.. thrifted a cute little mexican dress for sophia four.. lovely prints I bought via p.s i adore you, only $5 each and 1005 of the proceeds go towards Brielle (a young girl battling cancer) and her family

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Sophia's first birthday

Monday,  April 8, 2013

The day of Sophia's birthday party I woke up super late. I had stayed up late the night before and it was a very bad idea. I didn't get to finish in time so I had to rush taking pictures of the set up. I kept it simple with her birthday theme. Since she's a spring baby, I stuck with that. Which means lots of bright pretty flowers and grass. 

 mini cheesecake dessert

treats for the kiddos
 strawberries and cream

banners: home made
moss covered one: home made
block of covered moss for lollies: home made
cupcake toppers: home made (butterfly cut out from Michael's)

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