Do it yourself Monday- Pin board make-over

Oct 29, 2012

Monday, October 29, 2012

This is probably one the fastest and easiest thing you could do to a plain ol pin board. It required very little materials and it literally took me about five minutes to make. The board and fabric were both thrifted so this little project only cost around $4 bucks. Here's how I made it,


And that's it. Pretty easy right!?



  1. Oh this is soooo cute... I love a good hot glue gun project! WELL DONE! Love Elle xo

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  3. I've been searching for some kind of blog hop to share in the love of vintage finds & thrifting.. and found your blog today!
    I've been blogging about seven years, don't know why I haven't found my way around to more people who share the same passions sooner. :)
    New follower & looking forward to Thrifty Thursdays & more!

  4. Such a cute and simple DIY, thanks!

  5. I love it! Its seriously adorable!


  6. I have a cork board that's been languishing in a corner. I'm doing this craftiness today! :D Looks great!

  7. SUPER CUTE!!!!!!!!! I see these at the thrift often, so I'll have to snap one up!

  8. This looks so cute!! I love the material you used


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