Sophia and some fun swaps

Sep 17, 2012

Tuesday, September, 18, 2012

as of September 6th

                                                                  height: 25 inches
                                            weight: 15 1/2 pounds
                                                                 teething: drooling like crazy
favorite foods: green beans and sweet potatoes {this girl can't get enough}
favorite toy: Sophie the giraffe << hates her! She's in love with a Lamaze tiger we named Gaspard.
favorite position: TUMMY, TUMMY. TUMMY. She can roll for DAYS too!!
favorite cartoon: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, she goes absolutely nuts when she watches!
sleeping through the night: I wish! She wakes up at least 2 times through the night. 


I participated in a post card swap with Hayley from Hayley's World and I partnered up with Jessica from Sudden Departure and she gave me this super rad post card! I love it so much! Check out her blog! She has some pretty awesome tattoos i'm totally lovin! Thanks Jessica!! 

This here is a mug swap I signed up with Dalayna from Pointing Up. I got this mug from Tricia over at Today with the Tennerys. I was on the hunt for a larger mug, so this is just perfect!! Thanks Tricia!!


  1. Love the chalkboard backdrop on the monthly photo! I was really good about taking weekly & then monthly photos of my son for awhile, but once he got mobile, that kind of ended things ha.

    1. Thank you! I hope I can still take them as she grows lol. She got chalk all over her arms this little worm.

  2. We have a lot of those toys for hunter! She is so cute! I wish we lived closer, playdates! Haha

  3. OH my how adorable is she!?! Love it!! found your blog via new follower on my blog! Thanks for following!! :D xoxox

  4. Sandra, Sophia is so beautiful. I love how you styled this shoot for her, those leg warmers are to die for. Oh my this is sweet. dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  5. Your daughter is so adorable! And card btw looks awesome!

  6. oh my word, that chalkboard backdrop is fabbo and your little one too cute! :) love your mug too, wasn't that fun?!


  7. Hello! I'm new around here! his daughter is a beautiful doll! I love the photos had a great ieda with the board and stay great!

  8. What a lovely idea for a photo! Loving the chalk board idea. And that playmat photo is adorable!

  9. Thanks for participating in the swap! Hayley and I appreciate it!

  10. oh my gosh she couldn't be cuter! and that little bow! so sweet.


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